Google AdWords Consultant – A Business Case For Outsourced Pay Per Click Marketing

If you are a business owner who wants to experiment with internet marketing, you’ve probably heard about Google AdWords. It’s the easiest way to dip your toes into the world of internet marketing without risking much money. Maybe you even tried to figure it out on your own and set up a few campaigns. Google makes it very easy to get started, but unfortunately they make it very easy for you to give them more money without really helping you to figure out a winning campaign. Chances are that if you’ve been running an account for any length of time the results are less than you would like. I’d like to make a business case for hiring a Google AdWords consultant to set up and manage your account.

You outsource other business tasks like accounting, web hosting and voicemail, right? You do this because these tasks are either too complicated or too burdensome to manage yourself. You should look at Google AdWords the same way. What kind of training did you take before setting up your first campaign? You likely just followed Google’s on-screen guide. By doing this you instantly handicapped your account. For instance, there are several settings that should be tweaked in order to optimize your account, and they are disabled by default to make things simpler for beginners.

Let’s look at a brief example. Say you set up an account consisting of Ad Group A. You elect to spend $5 per day and bid $1 per click. At the end of 90 days you’ve spent $450 and have 450 clicks with a 1% click through rate. These are common numbers for a first-time account manager. At the same time, a Google AdWords consultant would set up a campaign that spends $5 per day but only bids $.50 per click and gets a 2% click through rate. You’ll spend the same $450 but get twice as many clicks, not to mention a much better chance of converting them into sales.

A Google AdWords consultant typically charges an hourly fee to manage your account. Routine management is usually only 4-5 hours per month, so the investment is never too large. In turn you will receive much better performance than if you managed it yourself, the program runs in the background so it doesn’t take any of your time and you get the experience of someone who has managed dozens of accounts across all manners of industries.

You trust other areas of your business to specialized experts, so if you are new to the world of internet marketing I suggest you at least look into the benefits of working with a Google AdWords consultant.

Safety Consulting – How to Make Money As a Consultant

Consulting is one of those jobs which actually do not require immense commitments and knowledge about curing and treating diseases like clinical work or pediatrics. Safety consulting actually is a stress free consultancy which involves you advising your neighborhood or your friends, family or town about safety practices. The word safety should not just be focused on the aspect of driving; safety is a general term which stands for your well being and that of your friends and family.

Consulting about safety could cover broad subjects about safety. This could be home safety. This could be subdivided into various segments like the table room safety practices to kitchen and hallway safety practices and procedures. You can also advice on driving safely, playground equipment safety ad playing safety guidelines.

There are three major ways through which you can increase your outreach and your clientele. Below are these key strategies;

Make brochures and business cards. Have these distributed around town and your neighborhood. These should tell away about everything that you advice on, and how to respond to accidents and emergencies.

Make yourself the man. When emergencies and accidents occur, let families and other people count on you as their number one contact so that you can assist them with quick responses and co-ordinate rescue efforts.

Launch a website and great contacts. Your website will market you and your products. Have a number of very important contacts in the medical field, hospitals and police stations. Also have links with local and senior consultants and other professionals who you can always refer your clients to. This will make you a very reliable person and you will be earning top dollars from you consultancy practice.

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Make Your Own Business Consultant Home Study Course

I made my own business consultant home study course. I had practiced law, owned a number of businesses, and wanted to simplify my life. I still needed to make a decent living, but with the economy in an obvious slowdown, I knew that I needed to get creative.

I started surfing the net and discovered an unbelievable amount of get-rich-quick schemes and businesses. I knew that most of the statements of unbelievable incomes were probably fluff, but I figured that if they were even partially true, I could learn how to make money online.

What I discovered was a whole new world for me…internet marketing. I had been used to the traditional methods of marketing like TV, Radio and print advertising. I began to study everything that I could about online marketing and was soon making a significant income online. Now, when I look at traditional businesses, I realize that most of them do not have any clue about how much their businesses could explode if they really capitalized on the power of the internet.

I realize that there are many different types of business consultants, but the vast majority of traditional businesses have not taken full advantage of the resources of the web. For most brick and mortar businesses, the economic struggles of today keep them from effectively branching out into new areas. Many businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars to develop a web presence, but they do not take that next step of effectively marketing online.

If you want to capitalize on this untapped or under utilized market, you need to start learning everything that you can about internet marketing. You can begin your business consultant home study course by just going through the search engines and learning everything that you can about online marketing. Do a search for SEO (search engine optimization) and you will find more information than you can handle.

When you are ready to learn more, study marketing methods like; article marketing, auto responders, banner ads, ezine ads, video marketing, blogs, social networking sites, pay per click, keywords and forums. Most businesses do not take advantage of many of these methods and if you become proficient at even a few of them, you will have a service of great value that you can market as a consultant.

They best way to learn how some of these methods work is, of course, to try them yourself. If you can find a product or business that you want to market, you can use some of the above or other methods and actually make money for yourself while going through your own business consultant home study course. Granted, internet marketing may not be for you, but if you are intrigued by this idea, you may be able to make a significant income while learning how to become a consultant to others.

Since I have begun my own education about online marketing, I have been able to help a number of other businesses increase their online traffic. I have even consulted with charitable organizations! There is a need for this type of service and there are likely businesses that you know that would love to have some help in tapping into the power of the internet. Since many business owners grew up before the era of the internet, they are not familiar with the methods and techniques that online marketers use and may be very willing to pay for a good consultant.

How to Pick Your Internet Marketing Consultants

Running an internet marketing campaign is more work that it is actually thought out to be. There is more to a marketing campaign done through the internet than just having a website. Oftentimes, business owners do not want to be bothered by the nitty-gritty of running online marketing campaigns. That is why marketing consultants and service providers for businesses with internet presence are fast becoming popular.

Aside from the creative aspect of website design, consultants for internet marketing campaigns offer other services such as search engine optimization, link building, web content generation, and campaign analysis among others. These consultants can be hired to handle most aspects of online marketing campaigns. All the business owner has to do is to give them the general direction of the company as well as provide the budget for the campaigns. These consultants often work in tandem with a company’s marketing and advertising department.

When choosing your internet marketing consultant, make sure that you do your research. There are a lot of providers in the internet and some of them can turn out to me a misfit to your company’s objectives. Choose a consultant that you can trust to implement your campaigns for you. If budget is a consideration, choose one that has low service fees but can deliver innovative ideas for your marketing campaign. Some legitimate sites would even be affiliated with professional associations or have the necessary accreditation from a related industry agency. Choose your consultant wisely as they will serve as an extension of your company. More importantly, their work in your website has a great impact to the way your company is perceived by your general audience.